Quick-Ship Handrails

Looking for handrails that can be delivered quickly without sacrificing quality? Look no further! We treat every handrail order as a custom project, consulting on each aspect of the design before bringing it to life in our shop.

Very often handrails can get damaged or broken in the elevator cab.  The handrails not only provide support for your riders, they also help to protect the finishes in your elevator from additional damage.  Generally, these can be replaced very quickly by someone on site.  We will customize the railing to length and space the stand-off hardware to match your current measurements.

The handrails can be mounted with a minimum of tools, time, and skill level.

For standard stainless steel 2” x ⅜” flat bars, we will normally ship within a week of your order being processed.

Contact us for pricing or additional information.  We will explain the process and help with any question you may have.

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