Patented LED Ceilings

Cab Solutions offers sleek and functional elevator ceilings featuring our patented sliding emergency-hatch design. Finished with brushed aluminum metal laminate and reinforced with aluminum Unistrut, these ceilings are lighter weight than comparable models and provide maximum flexibility for mounting. Our patented sliding hatch allows for mounting closer to the canopy while ensuring unobstructed access to the car-top emergency exit.

We developed our ceilings after years of experience seeing the types of problems that exist in different elevators. How often have you walked into an elevator and half the lights are out, or it is just too dark? Perhaps the ceiling is delaminating, or dust and dirt are collecting above the diffusers.

With the technology available today, it is likely time to upgrade the ceiling in your elevators. Today’s LED lighting will reduce the energy consumption in your elevator, and provide always-on lighting for potentially 7 to 10 years. No more service calls to replace a couple of bulbs. The riders in your elevator will appreciate the improved look in your elevator and feel safer with the additional lighting provided.

If you have ever called the elevator company to rescue someone from a stuck elevator, you likely ended up with a dirty, scratched, or broken ceiling if the passenger was removed via the emergency exit. With a Cab Solutions’ ceiling hatch, the exit can be opened in seconds without the surface ever being touched. The hatch slides below the ceiling and provides clear access to the exit above. Not only will the elevator inspectors like this, your elevator mechanic will also appreciate the ease of maintenance.

Need emergency lighting when the power fails? No problem; we can provide back-up lighting tied directly into the ceiling.

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