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Hotels are at our core


Hotels have always been a core market for Cab Solutions. One of our earliest renovations were the elevators at the Hilton Times Square in New York City.  Since that time we have remodeled the elevators in well over 100 hotels in various parts of the US.  Those projects have taken us to 17 US states as well as the District of Columbia.  We have worked with property brands including Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Sheraton, as well as a number of unique brands.  You can find examples of our work in many cities around the US including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Dallas, Baltimore, Boston, and more.


The elevators in a hotel are one of the most utilized public spaces on the property.  And yet, they are often overlooked during major renovation projects.  The elevators have unique requirements when it comes to redesign, and it is not always easy to find contractors to work in this space.  Cab Solutions has partnered with a number of different hotel REITs, managers, and hospitality contractors in order to provide our services across multiple properties and regions.


Each hotel has a unique design intent and it is important to partner with a contractor that can work with you to ensure your design flows seamlessly into the elevator.  Cab Solutions can help you find the best products available to help your inspirations flow from common spaces into the elevator.


Hotels represent a space that is rarely closed to its clients.  It is therefore imperative that any disruption during renovations must be kept to a minimum.  Cab Solutions is uniquely positioned  in this area.  Like many hospitality focussed construction firms, we are accustomed to working on hospitality projects away from our home base.  Our success in some part has been achieved by recognizing the importance of getting in, getting the job done properly the first time, and getting out.

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