General Contractors

Why use Cab Solutions?

The most convincing answer may be the simplest—we will pick up the phone. One of the most consistent complaints we hear from our customers these days regarding elevator cab renovations is the lack of responsiveness by service providers in this space. Very often this small 25 square foot space of real estate will involve multiple vendors as well as architects, engineers, and design teams.

We believe we are uniquely qualified to effectively and promptly coordinate logistics and communicate consistently with general contractors.

Our turn-around time on shop drawings and lead times for fabrication and installation are unrivaled in the industry.

At Cab Solutions, we take every inquiry seriously, and pride ourselves on representing one-stop shopping for your elevator renovation needs. Our services include walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, and cladding.

Ask around or give us a call for the names of our client references. We promise; we will pick up the phone.

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