Elevator Companies


If elevator cabs give you a bit of a headache, we want to work with you. When you partner with Cab Solutions, you can stay focused on the rest of your project and let us handle the details of the cab interior.


At Cab Solutions, cab interiors is our only business! We have been working with customers for 15 years to provide quality cab renovations at the best price. Our installations can be seen throughout many parts of the US and cover all designs—from raised laminate panels and aluminum frame ceilings to customized solutions including glass, stone, metals, and even leather.


Our number one goal is to keep your project on course and take the pain out of dealing with your cab vendor. Although the elevator cab is not the primary focus of your business, it is an important add-on that can set you apart from your competition. How often have you turned away cab renovation opportunities because you just didn’t have the resources to handle them? With our help, you can turn these opportunities into additional business and potentially expand on your existing relationships.


The more we know the better. From the very earliest stages of your project, we can help support you with your cab interiors. Cab Solutions can assist you in reviewing the specifications, understanding the design intent, and even working with your clients to engineer the best possible solutions. We can help communicate with the architects and owners, prepare drawings and sample submittals, and help navigate the inevitable questions that arise along the way.


Cab Solutions remains focused on the highest quality renovations at the best possible price. Frequently, the design intent of the client can be achieved at multiple price points. We start by working to understand what is important to the client, and then propose alternative solutions that meet the objectives in a price conscious manner. We can also help ensure that the scope is fully developed and meets all code requirements.


The logistics and timing of a cab modernization is one of the most important components of our job. We understand that the cab renovation portion of your project is time critical. If we deliver cabs to you too early, you are faced with the challenge of storing them. If too late, you fall behind on the project and risk missing your deadlines. Our goal is to deliver the materials when you need them to keep the project on track.

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